Car park automated solutions

Fully Automated Car Park Systems

The system allows a customer to give the maximum number of car park spaces in a given area. The automation in the system requires very less tolerances between cars during the storage and retrieval process. A typical conventional parking space requires more car park space in order to avoid accidents while the automation generally needs about 50% less space and allows the client to save space and related costs.

These systems have to be designed in the conceptual/design stage of a project and generally requires several rounds of discussions with different parties involved to get the best solution based on operational parameters.

Used for applications:

  • hospitals / hotels / hotel apartments’
  • commercial buildings
  • residential buildings
  • mixed – used development

General specifications:

  • system requires very small footprint area for every car park space
  • system can be designed with steel frame structure or a concrete structure.
  • safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
  • no costly illumination and ventilation necessary
  • well adaptable to individual project requirements
  • different car heights possible, e.g. Vans, SUVs
  • easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
  • suitable for residential- and office building, for public parking, car-sharing, car-rent, car-service centres
  • following the idea of "Green-Parking"
Semi-Automated Systems
Semi-automated car parking systems make use of mechanical lift technology with the requisite additions of electricals and PLC to make the respective car platform move. The system works to store or stack cars from 3 levels high up to a maximum of 6 levels. All parking places can be selected and used independently. Compared to the already existing technology, the column-free construction ensures that vertical supports are only required at every 2 or 3 parking places next to each other

Used for applications

  • public car park space managed by valet parking management company
  • car park space for an office building
  • local municipalities

General specifications

  • for different car dimensions and weight of 2.0 t to 2.6 t
  • freestanding above ground structure
  • independent parking
  • high level of operating and functional safety (TÜV / CE certified)
  • easy operation with transponder chips
  • system can be designed for different carwidths, lengths and weights
Mechanical Car Park Systems

The MCPS is a mechanical hydraulic system with horizontal platforms and designed for vertical stacking. Each system has the same footprint as one parking space, and could be used in facilities, where space is a premium requirement, such as offices, hotels and residences. The operation is simple by buttons/keys from a panel with easy access and close to the lift.

Mechanical car park systems can be designed with or without a pit, and can be conveniently arranged for indoor or outdoor applications.

Why mechanical car lift (without a pit)?

  • to double the car park space in a given area.
  • a simple and modular installation. System could be dismantled and re-installed*
  • Flexibility to propose different platform heights and will be based on the available garage heights
  • low maintenance costs and proven hydraulic technology.
  • * - Strictly under ALS supervision to make sure the electricals/mechanical installation are done correctly.

Used for applications

  • for valet parking in hotels/hotel apartments/offices
  • for residential villas

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