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ALS delivered a speech at caspian air cargo summit

ALS was honoured to be a part of Caspian Air Cargo Summit this month in Baku, Azerbaijan. One of the leading industry event gathered air cargo specialists this year at Fairmont Baku Flame Towers Hotel. ALS Sales Manager, Varun Visruthan, was talking about innovativeness for a air cargo terminal that could be focused in 2 areas: design and integration.

From voice recognition to driverless trucks the artificial intelligence definitely sharps the market: it just dictates new managers’ skills with more analytical analysis. The technology has been already affecting the cargo handling field, however it doesn’t mean stereotypical severe unemployment rate. The trends are pointing to adopt the changes and elaborate the most efficient “man-to-machine” strategies.

Speaking about air cargo terminals and high bay warehouses, the IT-infrastructure is fully based on the principles of IoT, it is the IoT itself. Taking into consideration the risk of injuries, high cost of breakdown, such machines as Elevating Transfer Vehicle (ETV) and Automated Storage and Retrieval System are built to speed up and effectively operate the material flow inside the warehouse.

ALS Logistic Solutions is one of the leading Automation solution providers of Material Handling, Cargo and Car Park Systems. With more than 20 years of experience, ALS has proven its expertise in ergonomic space-saving solutions for warehouses and parking areas . Our cargo handling portfolio covers a full range of all solutions from basic manual operation to fully automated operations, consisting of, but not limited to Air Cargo Handling Systems, Modular Warehouse Equipment & Express Handling Systems.

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