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“Warehouse of the future“ was one of the main topic hotly discussed at WeCargo

Liege Airport’s first WeCargo event on innovation in the air cargo industry drew a huge crowd on 14 November. The focus was on how to exchange data for the benefit of all. The event more than surpassed expectations, emphasized LGG’s VP Commercial Steven Verhasselt, as the airport’s original forecast was some 100 participants, while eventually over 400 attended to get first-hand information on new cargo developments.

Being a leader in Material Handling and Air Cargo Automation, ALS was invited to join the panel discussion devoted to the Future of Warehouses. The world of air transport is obviously part and parcel of the digital revolution. Whether it is digitalisation of information systems, flow management thanks to big data analysis, drones and autonomous vehicles, connected objects etc., new technologies are moving faster than an aircraft!

ALS highlights the important role of IoT, digitalization and innovation in air cargo industry. Despite of the fact that Air Cargo Industry is considered as one of the most conservative, ALS belives in the upcoming technological Changes in nearest future.

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