ALS delivered a speech on future warehouse


ALS delivered the presentation on "Developing Future Warehouses through Automation and Robotics to Ensure Operational Excellence in 2020"

Highlights of the speech: When it comes to the intralogistics upgrade and, of course, investments involved, logistics players are searching for innovations and future-proof technologies that can grant competitive positions and ensure not only operational excellence, but meet the demanding speed of customer requirements. In a simple sentence, the warehouse of the future will rely on the connection in real-time between all parties of the supply chain and logistics to improve efficiency and ROI. The warehouse of the future will leverage interactive and mobile technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and big data. Introducing IoT (Internet of Things) enabled technology will change the way goods are received, stored, and shipped in a warehouse, ultimately transforming the supply chain.

    There are following Future Warehouse technology trends:
  • • Robotics (wearable robotics, AGV, ASRS, OSR);
  • • COBOTS approach (collaborative work of manpower, warehouse equipment and robotics technology)
  • • AI and Augmented reality (simulation and forecast)

  • e.x. Ralf Herbrich, Amazon’s director of machine learning, stated that the company is using algorithms to predict the demand for millions of products. This determines which product is shipped to regional warehouses, reducing transportation costs and keeping the appropriate items in stock.

    There are following Future Warehouse technology trends:
  • • Smart Automation
  • Automated solutions can augment the human element in certain tasks, removing health and safety risks and limitations completely. e.x. A great example of this is a stock take. By using a small drone with a camera, you can easily go into the air and inspect a pallet stored 12m high. No more safety harnesses. No more special lifts. No more risk.
  • • Live flow monitoring (drones, sensors, video cam)
  • • Eco-warehouse and green technology