High Bay Warehousing

High bay Storage

In order to achieve optimal material flow and guarantee customer throughput, ALS offers highly advanced automated IT storage systems. We study the customer requirements to provide optimal material flow solutions, offering turnkey projects for Automatic High Bay warehouses by applying highly sophisticated software technologies. ALS provides systems that best suits the complex operational concept and solve the material handling challenges at optimum levels.

Input and output stations

Input/Output station of an automated storage and retrieval system is a set of conveyors designed to interface with the automated storage mechanism to deliver the required storage media efficiently and safely to the picking stations and vice-versa.

ALS offers all kinds of technologies such as transfer carts, high volume picking stations, offering warehouse picking such as Man-to-goods and Goods-to-man, pick by light, pick by voice etc.

The workstations can be fitted with Volume Scanners, Weighing Scales, Barcode Readers (or RFID) and Contour Checks etc.

Tote box storage systems
The Mini Load is a high-density tote or box buffer designed to maximize vertical storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. A high-speed Storage/Retrieval (S/R) machine or Shuttle System that move loads safely and accurately to support the high-volume order picking operations. Multiple input/output and integration options are available to streamline material flow.

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