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ALS Logistic Solutions, understands the specialized logistics requirements of the Pharmaceutical Sector, including the complex regulatory and the quality demands of GDP. We help our customers in the Pharmaceutical Industry not only to comply with the stipulations of government authorities, but also to increase the productivity and safety of its processes.

ALS provides consulting services to help Pharmaceutical Companies with the evaluation, selection and implementation of material handling systems. We study the customer requirements to provide optimal material flow solutions, offering turnkey projects for Automatic High Bay warehouses by applying highly sophisticated technologies. Many companies have put our experience to work to develop innovative and cost effective warehouse automation.

Automated material handling solutions

Automation via an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) thrive in applications where high volumes of inventory move in-and-out of distribution operations. Storing with ASRS means accurate, real-time data is kept on inventory (eliminating need for physical inventory inspections) and providing direct access to pharmaceutical products at all times. ASRS increases throughput and efficiency, saves space and reduces building costs.

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OSR Shuttle

The OSR Shuttle is the perfect storage system for medicines and expensive articles. Products are stored securely in containers, trays or cartons reducing costs and making the best possible use of the space available. All this guarantees maximum throughput and system availability. All our OSR Shuttle solutions are modular, formed from racking, shuttles and control system. The OSR Shuttle covers all the key processes of the modern automated warehouse including storage, consolidation, buffering, picking and handling of returns. The modular design allows system expansion to be carried out step-by-step, and the investment scaled accordingly.

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The fully automated “A” Frame picking machine handles rapid processing of complex orders. It guarantees the greatest possible productivity and an optimum material flow. Medicines are filled into the product channels and then automatically separated, collected and deposited in the order container. Among the advantages of the “A” frame, it provides a significant reduction of manpower required and shorten order transit times with great accuracy, high reliability. For pharmaceutical distributors, this means optimum personnel utilization in the warehouse, low error rates, and a significantly enhanced performance.

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The Pharma Store is an innovative storage and picking system and is particularly suitable for use for pharmacies. With manageable investment costs, the Pharma Store automates an article range that otherwise requires extensive manual processing. With the highest storage density in a small space, scalable size and a robust robot, the Pharma Store increases quality and efficiency and offers enough flexibility and performance to respond quickly to changing requirements. In addition, it meets industry-specific documentation requirements: batch tracking, serial number recording, expiry date.

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ALS offers paperless picking technology, from RF picking to Voice Picking, depending on the turnover rates and the item features to guarantee an accurate order fulfillment in the manual picking areas. Radio terminals indicate the article, storage location and picking quantity, minimizing the time required for picking. RF picking boosts both efficiency and quality in order fulfilment. The data provided by the RF, informs of the status of every order and the current stock level can be checked at any time.

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Cold chain is a critical element in the pharmaceutical supply chain as sensitive products require specific temperature control while in storage and ultimately, transit. We offer Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitored and Controlled Storage Solutions. We operate under strict GDP guidelines encompassing full temperature reporting from product receipt through to storage and delivery to the end customer.

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