Air Cargo Equipment Solutions

Specifically designed for the efficient Storage and Retrieval of ULDs and Air Cargo Pallets. The ETV functions are to store all types of ULDs and Pallets on multiple levels using friction driven or motorised roller decks with a capacity of up to 14,000 kg. All vehicle movements are guided by the Inventory Control System with a possibility of operator override manual mode. The ETV is built on a central rail system between the high-bay storage aisles, with a lifting platform designed for 10, 15 and 20ft powered roller decks with an operator cabin.
ETV Elevating Transfer Vehicle

The storage, transfer, sorting and retrieval of cargo between the warehouse and the airside is fully automated with interfaces to the airline and WMS.

Conveyors and portals
Portals measures and captures the level, the volume, the appearance and the weight of the cargo in a continuous process. It can be installed in flush-mounted chain systems in which trucks are used for transportation. This is a flexible and modular concept with flexibility that allows easy installation in new and existing plants. The identification of the parcels can be measured via automatic or manual barcode reading on transponders (RFID) or via a direct connection to the material flow control of the conveyor system.
Conveyor cargo conveying components
Conveyor cargo conveying components Services
Lowerable workstation
This workstation enables efficient build-up and breakdown of ULDs. The handling capability is 10, 15, or 20ft ULDs. The workstations will be installed in the breakdown area. The workstations are placed in a way to optimise the access with the vehicles. The workstations will be controlled via control panel located within the top cover of the lateral pit. The workstation consists of 10ft Roller-Decks built on a scissors lift (2x10ft roller decks for 20ft WS). The workstation has reinforced bearings and rollers with a thickness of the wall of 4 mm.
Lowerable workstation

The main components of the workstation are:

  • Lifting Unit with Scissors lift and Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Driven Roller Deck
  • Weighing unit

The workstation shall be equipped with a weighing scale registering the load on the platform with an accuracy of +/- 5kg and displaying it on a suitably mounted display with a single digit not being smaller than 100 mm. In addition, the weighing scale control unit shall allow having information keyed-in, like authorization code for tag printing etc. Printer needs to be provided as well.

The transport of the load, with its various dimensions, weight and load conditions, is carried out such that the movement of the load is shock free and without damage.

Stationary Workstation
For an efficient build-up and breakdown of main deck Pallets catering for Pallets and ULDs which are stored on warehouse slave pallets.Workstations are designed for drive-over handling in order to optimise the vehicles’ access and are controlled via foot-control panel located on the floor.
Stationary Workstation
Truck Docks

The truck dock is consists of roller decks integrated with a tandem hydraulic scissors lift mounted on a rail vehicle. This allows unloading of vehicles / trucks of different heights at different loading positions. The MTD is capable of transferring the following container combinations:

  • 2 x 10ft
  • 1 x 10ft +1 x 5ft
  • 1 x 15ft wing
  • 1 x 20ft
  • 2 x 5ft

The truck dock incorporates a weighing facility in the form of a scale and a display being located in the operators’ cabin. The scale is designed and calibrated on hand-over. The Truck Dock area can be connected to the warehouse system via different solutions.
Truck Docs
Warehouse Space

ULD and Goods’ Lift. Pallet Hoists are designed to utilize the available vertical space in the warehouse with no additional requirements of civil works. By installing the lifts, we create an additional work or storage level which leads to maximum utilization of the warehouse space.

The flexible and versatile design ensures a user friendly interface between the different warehouse levels at various lifting capacity.

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